Debunking Skin Care Myths

Debunking Skin Care Myths

Taking care of your skin is a commitment that requires time and effort but if done right it is well worth it. Your skin-needs change as it ages and being adaptive with your skin care is just as important. Once you notice your skin responding to the care you give it – you will be addicted to skincare!

There are some skincare myths that are making the rounds and have been ingrained in us from all the information we see in ads. Don’t you think it’s time we debunked them? I thought so too.

Myth 1

Anti-aging products erase wrinkles.

Anti-aging products do make some compelling claims from eliminating your crows feet to boosting collagen production to resurfacing your skin. Truth be told, some ingredients like Retinol, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid can help in minimizing wrinkles and the right hydration can plump fine lines not eliminate it. However, there are more invasive treatments that aid in completely erasing the signs of ageing but they require extensive up-keep and more importantly, involve risk. So the option does exist but the choice is yours.

Myth 2

You must wash your face twice a day.

This is what our mothers always told us, right? This myth is partially correct. A morning wash helps in getting rid of left over product and grease, tightens your pores (cold water) and preps your skin for makeup. Night time cleanse washes away pollutants from the day, lifts makeup residue and gets your skin ready to absorb products from your night time regimen. However, if the wrong cleanser is chosen, it will strip your skin off its natural oils and will create an imbalance in your sebum production. So choose your cleanser wisely and make sure it contains ingredients that are hydrating.

Myth 3

Always apply sunblock after your moisturizer.

This is a tricky one since there are valid points on both ends. Some believe that sunscreen should be the first thing that should be layered on clean skin so that it can be an effective barrier against the sun and UV rays. Others believe that sunscreen should be the last layer so that it does not get diluted with your other products like your serums and moisturisers, so it remains the most potent when applied as the final step. I personally, prefer using a sunblock as my first layer, that way even if I don’t have time for the rest of my skincare and makeup when I am rushing out, at least I have the essential and the most important layer done! 

Myth 4

You can't use facial oil if you have oily or combination skin. 

This has got to be the most popular myth and I am so glad I get to debunk it. Oily skin is a result of the oil glands in your skin trying to over compensate and over produce sebum. This may sound counterintuitive but using the right oil can actually balance oily skin and help in keeping oily skin and breakouts at bay. Having said that, not all facial oils are good for oily skin. The oil has to be non-comedogenic, in other words, oils that don’t clog pores but mimic the natural sebum of your skin and seep right into your skin bed with ease. A good example is organic cold pressed jojoba oil. It’s the ideal facial oil for oily/combination skin.

Myth 5

You must include toner in your skin care routine.

Toners are a fairly sensitive topic amongst skincare enthusiasts. Here is my take on it, a toner is not an essential and using the wrong toner can truly ruin your skincare game. However, if you get past the hurdle of choosing the right toner for your skin, it helps in prepping the skin and making it a clear canvas for deeper penetration of your skincare regimen. My personal favourite is pure witch hazel extract.

Myth 6

You can only use one serum at one time.

Your skin care regimen has to be adaptive if you want your skincare game to stay on track! One size does not fit all and one regimen definitely does not solve all. As your skins needs change so should your products. Pay attention to what your skin needs and combat it with the right ammo. For example, if your skin is breaking out, use products that will calm the skin down with antibacterial ingredients for a few days. Or if your skin feels parched, use products with hydrating effects until you feel it has balanced out. Get the gist? Your skin will tell you exactly what it needs.

Myth 7

Facial rollers don’t actually work.

Facial rollers seem to have taken the beauty world by storm and rightfully so but there is a clause. You have to use it consistently. If done right, the rolling motion encourages lymphatic drainage, tones the skin, helps products penetrate better and depuffs areas that have water retention. Keeping your roller in the fridge is an old trick to accelerate the effects and calm your skin with the coolness of the stone. Give it a try and you just might find it therapeutic! 

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