Potent Beauty Ingredients To Include In Your Skin Care Regimen

Potent Beauty Ingredients To Include In Your Skin Care Regimen

The efficacy of your skin care regimen primarily depends on how potent the ingredients in your products are. The ingredient list is usually a good indicator and knowledge on what each of them does for you is vital so that you choose what suits your skin best! 

Read up and look out for these in your next visit to your beauty store:

1. Vitamin C

Potent yet gentle enough to use on a daily basis, Vitamin C is an ingredient that deserves the top spot! It is a powerful anti-oxidant that fights free radical damage, accelerates production of elastic and collagen, eliminates dark spots and hyper pigmentation and plumps up the skin minimising fine lines.


2. Niacinamide

This ingredient is definitely worth the hype it’s been receiving. It suits most skin types and its benefits have skin care enthusiasts making this a staple in their regimen. It’s primary function is to protect the skin barrier against environmental damage even UVA rays from the sun. It also can help your skin grow a ceramide (lipid) which can, in turn, helps retain moisture. It aids in minimizing pores, treats hyper pigmentation, regulates your sebaceous glands and strengthens your skins immunity.

For more information on Niacinamide: https://bit.ly/2WyEV7i 


3. Jojoba 

One of the most unique qualities of jojoba oil is that it mimics the molecular structure of sebum that our skin naturally produces which means it does not clog pores and helps regulate the skin oils causing less breakouts. It is an excellent emollient which forms a protective layer over the skin, imparting moisture for hydration that lasts for a long time. It strengthens the skin’s defence system against oxidative damage thanks to the Vitamin E present in it, and also helps to remove the redness and swelling even treating skin conditions like acne, eczema, and psoriasis.

For more information on Jojoba: https://bit.ly/3zStMfb 


4. Collagen

This ingredient always tends to create a buzz in the skin care world. But what exactly is it? It is a type of fibrous protein derived from animals that acts as a water-binding agent to keep moisture locked into the skin. Topical collagen has not been found to encourage the body to produce more of its own collagen; however, ingestible collagen increases skin elasticity. So be mindful of skincare products that claim to have collagen as the main active ingredient but do try to include collagen in your supplements.


5. Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is suitable for all skin types — even those who have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts. This potent ingredient can reduce wrinkles, redness and dermatitis with long term use. It significantly decrease the depth of wrinkles and enhance skin firmness and elasticity when included in your daily skin care regimen.

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